WATCH: Amid Sexual Assault Claim, Disturbing Video of Biden with Young Girl Surfaces

Joe Biden is coming under fire for reportedly sexually harassing a former Nevada state senator.

Watch the video:

The New York Times reported that Biden is under pressure to respond to allegations that he touched and kissed a former Nevada assemblywoman, Lucy Flores, went on the defensive Sunday morning with a sweeping statement saying he did not believe he acted inappropriately but acknowledging that he had made “expressions of affection” during his years on the campaign trail.

In his statement, he emphasized that “not once — never — did I believe I acted inappropriately,” but pledged to listen to any accuser. He did not describe in detail the “expressions of affection,” but said there were also “countless handshakes, hugs” and attempts to “support and comfort” people he met.

“I may not recall these moments the same way, and I may be surprised at what I hear,” Mr. Biden said. “But we have arrived at an important time when women feel they can and should relate their experiences, and men should pay attention. And I will.”

Now, a disturbing past video of Joe Biden touching a young girl in what appears to be an inappropriate manner has resurfaced.

Watch the video:

Here is a more detailed video – Judge for yourself.

A new petition is demanding that Biden step down.

You can read and sign the petition here. 

TCO shares a parent company with the petition site. 

Even CNN covered Biden’s inappropriate behavior in 2016.