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For those who don’t believe that Republicans are under-represented in the establishment media, here is some data to consider.

From CJR “Journalists shower Hillary Clinton with campaign cash”
October 17, 2016 By Dave Levinthal and Michael Beckel

People identified in federal campaign finance filings as journalists, reporters, news editors or television anchors–as well as other donors known to be working in journalism–have combined to give more than $396,000 to the presidential campaigns of Clinton and Trump, according to a Center for Public Integrity analysis.

More than 96 percent of that cash has benefited Clinton: About 430 people who work in journalism have, through August, combined to give about $382,000 to the Democratic nominee, the Center for Public Integrity’s analysis indicates.

The phenomena of Republicans being under-represented in establishment journalism pre-dates the Trump presidency. A 2014 study found roughly four times as many journalists identifying as Democrat vs. identifying as Republican.

From Politico “Survey: 7 percent of reporters identify as Republican”
May 6, 2014 by Hadas Gold.

The percentage of full-time U.S. journalists who claim to be Republican dropped from 18 percent in 2002 to 7.1 percent in 2013, according to a study by Indiana University professors Lars Willnat and David H. Weaver. In 1971, the first time the survey was conducted (this is its fifth incarnation), some 25.7 percent of journalists polled said the identified as Republican.   

The number of journalists identifying as independent is at 50.2 percent, the highest percentage since the survey began, and the number identifying as Democrat dropped to 28.1 percent. Of those polled, 14.6 percent identified as “other.” That means nearly 65 percent of journalists polled don’t identify with either of the major parties. 

What do we hope for? Simply, a more even playing field.

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About Kambree Nelson

Kambree Nelson, otherwise known as @KamVTV on her Twitter account is the founder and regular contributor of the Conservative Opinion.

Kambree played an active role in the grass roots efforts of the Trump 2016 Presidential campaign, working the California ground game and broadcasting live at the 2016 RNC convention. Nelson has also been a freelance writer for indigenous peoples and is published in the DailyCaller.

Prior to her career in political activism, Nelson dedicated 10 years of her life as a leader in the direct selling industry as a #1 income earner and later a marketing director for a 10,000+ organization.

A proud Christian, Kambree thrives on the success of others and knows that her God given gift is servant leadership. She has very high standards when it comes to integrity and ethics and was featured on NBC news for her success in business.

Nelson currently splits her time between Dallas, Texas where she was born, and Los Angeles.