Biden approval rating reaches lowest point of Presidency in new Reuters-Ipsos poll

President Biden’s approval rating continues to plummet in catastrophic fashion, this time falling to 36% in a new Reuters Ipsos poll.

Per The Hill:

The poll found Biden’s approval rating fell 6 percentage points from a week earlier, and it dropped from 76 percent to 72 percent among Democrats in that same span.

The low point for Biden in the Reuters poll came less than a week after he hit a new low in the Associated Press poll, which found the president’s approval rating sat at 39 percent.

Both polls reflect a consistent trend of Biden’s approval rating mired in the high 30 percent to low 40 percent range in recent months. The president has been hampered by rising costs, which have been exacerbated by the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Other recent polling tracked by RealClearPolitics shows a similar trend.