Rep. Greene easily wins GOP Primary, releases 21-part tweet storm on “gun violence”

Tim Swain tweeted Tuesday:

BREAKING: Marjorie Taylor Greene WINS the GOP Primary in House District 14. AMERICA FIRST!🇺🇸

Green easily fended off five GOP challengers and the race was called by ABC, CNN, and NBC before 9pm EST Tuesday.

Wednesday, Rep. Green wrote in a 21 part tweet:

1. The party of defund the police, out of control crime, & a deadly open border wants to take away our guns and wants us to trust them with our children’s lives while they fund death and war, with US tax dollars, in some far off land that most Americans can’t find on a map.

2. The left doesn’t care about gun violence.

Democrat controlled cities and states with the most strict gun control have some of the highest murder rates and most shootings in America.

Shooting people is already illegal.

Murder is already illegal.

Gun control doesn’t work.

3. Democrats know how to protect people and things with guards armed with guns and they support it all the time when it comes to their own safety, but not when it comes to our children at school.

No, they want your children to be innocent sitting ducks in gun free school zones.

4. Joe Biden and the Democrats controlling our country are the same people that brought in 30,000 National Guard troops to protect the Capitol from an imaginary MAGA army for months after J6.

They spared no expense and sent the bill to the American taxpayer.

5. Democrats & our mentally incompetent POTUS Joe Biden are the same people refusing to protect our border from the dangerous all time high daily illegal invasion & are enabling record high human & drug trafficking endangering every American.

They don’t care about your safety.

6. Democrats who are demanding gun control made rules that put armed guards in place & force all Members of Congress to go through metal detector and be wanded before we are allowed to enter the House chamber to go vote.

Democrats totally believe in armed guards for security.

7. Never forget Democrats supported, funded, cheered on, & participated in violent deadly Antifa/BLM riots all over the country causing $2+ billion in damages in 2020 to achieve their political goals.

They are not at all scared of violence.

Democrats are the party of violence.

8. Now while they’ve spent $53+ BILLION of your tax dollars on their proxy war w/ Russia, carelessly grinding the lives of Ukrainian soldiers & civilians, in order to achieve regime change and grow globalist power goals, Democrats are trying to tell you gun control is the answer.

9. The only serious solution to protecting our children in schools are spending our hard earned tax dollars on protective solutions that we all know work.

Armed guards, trained and/or armed teachers, and secured points of entry.

Protect our kids with good guys with guns.

10. School shootings are an evil & horrific sign of severe spiritual sickness in America & the absolute tragic failure to protect our children’s bodies, hearts, & souls.

As we mourn & pray for the Uvalde community & families suffering unspeakable loss, we must discuss solutions.

11. Most school/mass shooters have key things in common.

They experienced severe trauma in childhood like parental suicide, physical or sexual abuse, neglect, domestic violence, and/or severe bullying.

Making them susceptible to depression, anxiety, thought disorders.

12. This often leads to prescriptions of medications to treat the damaged mental state of these soon to be shooters.

Taking meds like SSRIs have dangerous side effects that can no longer be ignored.

Among many other side effects they can cause suicidal and homicidal thoughts.

13. Most school/mass shooters have taken or recently stopped taking medications for mental illness.

Taking or going off & on these meds can increase instability and often times exasperate mental health problems instead of helping to solve the underlying emotional crisis.

14. But there are other very serious factors we have to widely recognize and discuss. Most, if not all, of these teenage shooters have spent years in solitude playing video “games” killing people on the screen and becoming desensitized to what murdering people really means.

15. An already traumatized or abused young male teen spending large amounts of time alone, mentally killing people on line during critical formative years of puberty, with high amounts of testosterone naturally occurring in their body, is a dangerous factor.

For everyone.

16. Young developing male teens need to be led by good, strong, and supportive male role models in safe family environments.

During puberty, they need to be learning how to work, socialize as a man involving leadership skills, social manners, and proper communication skills.

17. Fathers, grandfathers, and safe, good, god fearing, respectful, and wise male leaders/role models who invest and raise up masculine, caring, young men teaching them how to lead, work, and care for a family is one of the most important critical parts of a boys upbringing.

18. The left has attacked and eroded our culture leading to a severe disrespect of the role of men, fathers, and masculinity for decades now.

We must no longer allow this.

Men are our family leaders, protectors, and give a good & needed balance to women, mothers, and children.

19. School/Mass shooters who experienced childhood trauma, lacking a loving stable home, being raised in an American Godless culture that hates masculinity, demeans men, puts girls or trans above boys or turns boys into girls, teaches fleshly desires over responsibility/work,

20. feeling hopeless, spending hours in solitude daily playing video “games” that mentally train them to kill people, and likely taking psychiatric drugs or recreational drugs or both is the common deadly recipe for mass murder.

21. There is no amount of gun control laws that will change this.

It’s not the gun’s fault, it’s everyone’s fault.

Until we all come together to bring back values that support strong families & healthy childhoods, this won’t end, but we must protect our kids at school NOW!