ABC Apologizes After Airing U.S. Gun Range Video, Calling It a Syrian War Zone

ABC News has issued a correction and apology after falsely claiming video from a U.S. gun range was a Syrian war zone.

CORRECTION: We’ve taken down video that aired on “World News Tonight” Sunday and “Good Morning America” this morning that appeared to be from the Syrian border immediately after questions were raised about its accuracy. ABC News regrets the error.

One Twitter user responded with snark:

“CORRECTION: We have removed footage we doctored from an American gun range to make it look like it was Syria immediately after people called us on our fake news. ABC News regrets getting caught.”

Breitbart reports ABC News on Monday removed a video which the network presented as Turkish military forces attacking Kurdish fighters in northern Syria — amid reports that the footage may, in fact, be from a U.S. gun demonstration.

The footage, which ABC News purported was of an attack on the border town of Tal Abyad, was aired Sunday on World News Tonight and Good Morning America on Monday morning. However, a comparison by Gizmodo shows the video was captured at Knob Creek Gun Range in West Point, Kentucky back in 2017.

“[I]t’s clear that the videos are the same,” said the website.

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