WATCH: Trump torches Biden in new interview “Our country is being destroyed”

Appearing via phone call on Fox and Friends this morning, former President Trump torched President Biden saying “our country is being destroyed.”

“You look at what’s going on in Chicago and look at what’s happening in San Francisco, and it’s happening in many other cities that they don’t want to report about…The media isn’t reporting this problem,” Trump explained.

“When you look at San Francisco and you look at a hundred kids or people running into a store together and the cops are standing out, they’re not allowed to do their job,” Trump also said. “We have a country that has no law enforcement, [and] has no law and order.”

“The people of our country love our police and they do respect them, but they’re not allowed to do their job. If you allowed them to do their job, that would stop and crime would stop, but they’re not allowed,” he continued.

“Our country is being destroyed. It should never be allowed to happen,” Trump concluded.