Gallup finds nearly half of Americans say inflation causing their family hardship

A new Gallup survey finds nearly half of Americans say inflation causing their family hardship.

Per Breitbart News:

The survey found that 45 percent of American households report that recent price increases are causing their family some degree of financial hardship.

Prices have risen at the fastest pace in decades just as Americans are headed to shops and online to make Christmas season purchases. High home heating fuel prices are also hurting household finances as the nights turn colder in much of the U.S.

Ten percent of households say they are suffering “severe” hardship from inflation. Another 35 percent are suffering “moderate” hardship.

The burden of inflation is skewed toward lower-income households. Among households earning less than $40,o00, 42 percent say they are suffering moderate hardship and 28 percent say they are suffering severe hardship. That’s a total of 71 percent who say they are suffering from inflation.

Brian Stryker, a Democratic pollster said in a recent interview with the NY Times said “We probably haven’t been as focused on the economy as we should be. I think some of that is voters reading us talking about things that aren’t economic issues. Part of it is just a natural reaction, too: We’re in an economy they feel is tough. It’s hard for them to think we’ve solved problems when they see so many.”

Asked “How do Democrats balance a commitment to core constituencies while at the same time addressing economic issues that voters are confronting every day?”

He responded “The No. 1 issue for women right now is the economy, and the No. 1 issue for Black voters is the economy, and the No. 1 issue for Latino voters is the economy. I’m not advocating for us ignoring social issues, but when we think broadly about voters, they actually all want us talking about the economy and doing things to help them out economically.”