WATCH: Obama blasts Trump’s pandemic response “it’s not rocket science we’re not talking about inventing vaccines”

Appearing on “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” former President Obama blasted Trump’s pandemic response and compared it unfavorably with Canada’s.

“Let’s take Canada,” Obama said “where the death rate is 39 percent ours per capita, right? That’s a measure of if we had done the work, that, it’s not rocket science we’re not talking about inventing vaccines. I’m glad to see the vaccines now coming on board.”

“Preliminarily communicating effectively, respecting the science. Not undermining the leading epidemiologist in the country and saying he’s an idiot,” Obama continued “being consistent in terms of masks and social distancing, not suggesting that this is some act of oppression, but rather just a common sense thing to prevent people from getting sick. Had we just taken those steps, there is no doubt that we would have saved some lives and ironically the economy would be better because we would not be swinging back and forth in the ways that we have and people would feel more confidence about making day-to-day decisions about shopping or going out. “