AOC, Omar, Tlaib demand “deficit hawk” Biden ally be left out of his administration

Three members of “the squad” AOC, Ilhan Omar, and Rashida Tlaib have signed a petition for Biden to not consider “deficit hawk” Bruce Reed for a role in his administration.

Omar shared the petition and wrote “If the Biden administration is serious about protecting Medicare and Social Security, they must not appoint one of the biggest champions of cuts to lead their budget agency.”

She added “Join me, @justicedems, & our progressive coalition in saying no to deficit hawks:”

The petition is sponsored by Justice Democrats, Omar, Tlaib, AOC, Cori Bush and Jamaal Bowman.

The petition reads:

The Biden Administration is starting to roll out Executive Branch appointments, and one name being floated is extremely concerning: The American Prospect has reported that career deficit hawk Bruce Reed is a finalist to head the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) in the Biden Administration. The Prospect’s Robert Kuttner calls it “a match made in hell.”

Here’s why that’s bad: OMB sets the President’s budgetary agenda. Putting someone who will prioritize paying down the deficit ahead of all other concerns in charge is a recipe for cutting our earned benefits and turning the COVID recession into a depression. Rejecting Reed will be a major test for the soul of the Biden presidency.

Reed was the executive director of the Bowles-Simpson fiscal commission during President Obama’s first term. The Bowles-Simpson commission proposed getting Democrats and Republicans to work together to enact massive cuts to Social Security and Medicare, including raising the retirement age.

The petition later warns “Joe Biden must not repeat Obama’s mistake. We need our government to spend money now―to ensure vaccines are distributed, to keep people in their homes, to prevent small businesses from closing permanently, and to make sure Americans can stay home until the vaccine arrives!”

As of now, 3,342 signatures have been collected.