VIDEO: Loudon County parent tells school board “You failed. You failed. You failed.”

Parents in Loudoun County, Virginia are outraged after a teen was found guilty of sexually assaulting a fellow student in a high school bathroom.

A 14 year old male student is guilty on two counts of sexual assault. Officials say he wore a skirt, entered a girl’s bathroom and assaulted a 15 year old female student.

He was then accused of assaulting another student at another school.

in June, Loudon Superintendent Scott Ziegler claimed “To my knowledge, we don’t have any record of assaults occurring in our restrooms”

However a new email shows he knew about the assault claim in may.

Michele Perez Exner wrote in response to Obama ‘My kids’ schools were shut down for a year. A girl was raped in a bathroom in Loudon County. Terry McAuliffe said I shouldn’t have a say in my child’s education. Not one of those things is “phony” or “trumped up.”’

Obama had said “We don’t have time to be wasted on these phony trumped-up culture wars, this fake outrage, the right-wing media’s pedals to juice their ratings.”