Slate publishes article arguing “I think it is OK to be disappointed that Adele lost a ton of weight”

Liberal leaning publication Slate has published an article that argues it’s ok to be disappointed that singer Adele lost a lot of a ton of weight.

The piece argues “And yet, even as I know that celebrating Adele’s weight loss is wrong, I am struggling with something different, which is feeling a little upset about it. Which is weird! After all, Adele is an adult human woman, and I am a feminist.”

The writer then continues by explaining “the thing is that Adele had a body type that is not really frequently represented in the world of megacelebrity that she occupies. And partly for that reason, I think it is OK to be disappointed that Adele lost a ton of weight.”

She concludes by reiterating the premise that it’s ok to feel disappointed.

“I’m not sending any “blame” in her direction—that blame ought to be reserved for the faceless mass of people making the choices about whom to give record deals and Vogue covers. It’s a lot harder to feel mad at them—I don’t know who they are, really—but I am trying my best. Until we live in a world where we can comfortably exist at any size, we’re going to inevitably feel things when one of the relatively few fat women celebrities changes. It’s OK to feel a little disappointment,” the piece concludes.