55 uncounted ballots found, putting Republican Tenney’s 12 vote lead in jeopardy in NY house race

55 uncounted ballots from Chenango County have been found in the NY district 22 house race between Democrat incumbent Anthony Brindisi and his Republican opponent Claudia Tenney.

Prior to the discovery of the new uncounted ballots, Tenney held a razor thin lead of a mere 12 votes.

Chenango County Attorney Alan Gordon alerted Supreme Court Justice Scott DelConte of the findings on Tuesday.

Gordon wrote “Those ballots were apparently mislaid and never counted.”

He also said “I have advised our Board of Elections to not open any of those ballots and to secure them in their offices.”

Of those 55 uncounted ballots it appears 11 are from unregistered voters.

Per the NY Post “the remaining 44 could reverse Tenney’s lead, but DelConte must still rule on over 2,000 other disputed absentee and affidavit ballots in the race.”

Syracuse.com reports “until the 44 ballots are opened, it will not be known which candidate benefits from them. But those ballots should have been among the in-person votes counted on Election Day. Those who voted in-person at the polls overwhelmingly favored Tenney. She led Brindisi by more than 28,000 votes that day. The gap narrowed to 12 votes after absentee and affidavit ballots were counted.”


55 newly found ballots likely to add to Republican Tenney’s 12 vote lead in NY house race based on their party affiliation