55 newly found ballots likely to add to Republican Tenney’s 12 vote lead in NY house race based on their party affiliation

55 newly found uncounted ballots that have been found are likely to add to Republican Claudia Tenney’s razor thin 12 vote lead over Anthony Brindisi.

Of the 55, 44 are “countable” and 11 are not registered voters.

Per Josh Rosenblatt of WBNG12 News:

UPDATE: Chenango election officials confirmed a breakdown of the 55 ballot party affiliations.

This is not how they voted, just how they’re registered. Of the 44 “countable” ballots, 21 are likely pro-Tenney, 12 likely pro-Brindisi. No final #’s but appears they help R #NY22

This means the gap in #NY22 is still 12 votes for now, as those are just party affiliations and not votes. If the voters voted by their party affiliation, and the ballots are ruled valid, Tenney’s lead would grow to 21 votes over Brindisi.

Republican Claudia Tenney has gained in the betting market of PredictIt in light of the new news.