5 Major Publications Rate Bloomberg a “Loser” Again in Last Night’s Debate

While perhaps slightly better than his widely panned New Hampshire debate performance, analysts from 5 major publications still rated billionaire Michael Bloomberg as a “loser” in last night’s South Carolina debate.

Below are how analysts from CNN, Fox News, NY Post, The Hill, and  Business Insider rated Bloomberg.

In all 5 cases, he was rated a South Carolina debate “loser.

CNN (by Chris Cilliza) Loser – Michael Bloomberg

The billionaire businessman was better in this debate than in the last one in Las Vegas. But he wasn’t good. Bloomberg committed a near-Freudian slip early in the debate when he started to say he “bought” a Democratic House majority before re-calibrating to say he helped Democrats reclaim the majority. Bloomberg awkwardly referred to his rivals as fellow “contestants.” He tried to make jokes — most notably about his poor performance in the last debate. Notice how I said he “tried.” And Bloomberg still doesn’t have a good answer about his alleged off-color jokes and dismissive past comments about women. How is that possible?

Fox News (by Mary Ann Marsh) Biggest Loser – Michael Bloomberg

At one point during the debate as it went to the first commercial break, Bloomberg checked his watch. This was reminiscent of President George H.W. Bush during a debate that marked the end of his chances to defeat challenger Bill Clinton.

The same could be true of Bloomberg. All the money in the world isn’t going to help Bloomberg win this race because in the end, you can’t hide the real Bloomberg.

The ads are a great substitute for Bloomberg. But the real Bloomberg has been revealed in these debates. Warren has shown him to be the antithesis of how he is portrayed in his nearly half-billion dollars of advertising.

It is the real-life person voters are casting their ballots for – not the one portrayed in ads. That’s the real problem for Bloomberg and it was on full display again Tuesday night.

NY Post (by Post Staff) Loser – Michael Bloomberg

The former mayor proved a half-billion dollars can’t buy you a personality. He performed slightly better than in his disastrous last debate, but it wasn’t enough as he got hammered again on stop and frisk and his comments about women.

Arrow: Down

The Hill (by Niall Stanage) Loser – Michael Bloomberg

It wasn’t a disaster. But it wasn’t good.

Bloomberg came in for abundant criticism last week after a debate performance in Las Vegas that was widely derided as dismal.

He did a little better in Charleston, especially on more policy-heavy topics such as his record on education in New York.

But Bloomberg remains a stilted debater. At one point, a supposedly self-deprecating joke about his Las Vegas debacle fell flat. And Warren got under his skin once again.

Bloomberg also opened up by jabbing at Sanders over reports that Russia was seeking to boost the Vermont senator’s campaign. It was an overly aggressive line of attack against the front-runner and seemed to backfire with the audience.

Bloomberg’s huge advertising expenditure might yet save him, but his debating skills won’t.

Business Insider (by Eliza Relman) Loser – Michael Bloomberg

Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg spent much of the night on defense, including in regard to his record as mayor and his behavior towards women.

Bloomberg was skewered during last Wednesday’s Democratic debate in Nevada, where his opponents attacked his unprecedented spending on the race, treatment of women, and support for “stop and frisk” in New York City. His national approval rating took a hit as a result. 

Tuesday’s debate didn’t go much better for Bloomberg. Warren again took him to task for comments he reportedly made about female employees decades ago, including allegedly telling a pregnant employee to have an abortion — a claim Bloomberg vehemently denies. And Sanders repeatedly attacked Bloomberg’s billionaire status and unprecedented spending on his own campaign. 

Bloomberg was forced to once again apologize for implementing the racially discriminatory stop and frisk policy, which was deemed unconstitutional in 2013, and was grilled on his efforts to limit the consumption of sugary drinks in New York City.