WATCH: Will CNN Regret Exposing Biden’s Disgusting Behavior in 2016?

In April of 2016, Trump supporters believe CNN was fully focusing on attacking President Trump and doing anything they could to make Hillary Clinton look good.

Unfortunately, one video they made at the expense of exposing the disgusting behavior of Joe Biden may come back to haunt them.

Despite getting hit with his first sexual harassment scandal by Lucy Flores, a former Nevada politician, many still expect Joe Biden to announce a bid for the Presidency.

In addition, most polling finds Biden as the clear front-runner and he could very well end up as the candidate the left has to go against Trump.

So how will CNN feel when their own video exposes the truth about him in the #MeToo ear.

Watch the video for yourself:


And here are some of the emotions the video elicits:

If CNN chooses to delete the video to whitewash the scandal, here is a screenshot to prove what they did.