WATCH: Tracy Morgan Mercilessly SHREDS Jussie Smollett

During a recent television appearance, actor and comedian Tracy Morgan took several jabs at disgraced “Empire” actor Jussie Smollett, who has remained in national headlines following the dramatic saga surrounding his alleged false police report.

Morgan joked that the popular program “Empire” had offered him a role, “Contractually, all I got to do is not fake a hate crime,” laughed Morgan, adding, “Jussie: That’s all I have to do!”

When asked if he believed Smollett’s claims of having been attacked by racists who identified him from the show, Morgan replied, “No, man! Come on, racists don’t be watching Empire.”

Additionally, Morgan poked fun at Smollett’s claims to have held onto his Subway sandwich during the alleged attack, “He didn’t let the Subway sandwich go!”

After reporting the crime, Smollett was later arrested after police alleged the actor orchestrated the attack, only to have the charges mysteriously dropped – another twist in a case that has captured the nation’s full attention in recent weeks.