WATCH: Pelosi Says Democrats Don’t “Accept” Barr’s Mueller Report Summary

Speaking with reporters, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi downplayed US AG Bill Barr’s summary of the recently-submitted Mueller report, calling the Attorney General “arrogant” while making it clear that Democrats “don’t accept” the report’s results.

“We haven’t even seen the Mueller report,” said Pelosi. “We don’t expect to accept just the Attorney General’s interpretation of it. A little bit arrogant of him to think that would be the case.”

Pelosi’s comments echoed similar sentiments coming from Democrats in light of the report, which vindicated President Trump of collusion and obstruction allegations.


Per FoxNews, Barr’s letter on the special counsel’s report said that Mueller found no evidence of coordination with Russia, but the report did not make a determination on whether Trump committed obstruction of justice in the Russia probe. Barr and Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein determined that evidence gathered by Mueller was insufficient on that front.

Trump has maintained since the announcement of the special counsel’s investigation that he never colluded with Russia during the 2016 campaign. He has long decried the probe as a “witch hunt” while attacking the FBI figures who launched the original Russia probe that was eventually taken over by Mueller in 2017.