WATCH: Maxine Waters Stumbles, Vows “Sex Committees” Will Investigate Trump

Congresswoman Maxine Waters was an honoree at Saturday night’s NAACP awards.

During her speech, she targeted President Trump, and claimed the Mueller report does not exonerate him, even though the report declared they found no collusion in an exhaustive 675 day investigation.

During her speech, the befuddled California Rep. tripped over her words.

American Mirror reported that the final report by Special Counsel Robert Mueller may be 10 times as long as the media is reporting.

Or the 80-year-old Maxine Waters may just be confused.

Speaking to reporters and supporters at the NAACP Image Awards, Waters was asked about a two-year investigation yielding a “four-page summary of a 300-page report?”

After likening the idea of impeachment to the “struggle” against apartheid in South Africa, Waters said, “This president has defined himself as a liar. He has committed over 8,000 lies in two years.

“Not only has he defined himself. He has shown us in so many ways, including his choosing of (Paul) Manafort to come and run his campaign. Manafort, who had been working with Putin and the Kremlin as they tried to exercise more power in the Ukraine,” she said.

Waters said “they” did that so Putin could have sanctions lifted so Russia could drill for oil in the Arctic.

She then went on to call on “sex committees” to investigate President Trump.

“And for those of use sitting on the sex— six, rather, committees that have the responsibility for oversight and investigation, we are going to continue,” she vowed.

Watch the video: