WATCH: Marsha Blackburn believes Filibuster will be maintained “the American people won, constitutionality won”

Appearing on NewsmaxTV, Marsha Blackburn said “the American people won, constitutionality won, the rule of law won” regarding the potential maintenance of the Senate filibuster.


Democrat Senator Krysten Sinema, considered a moderate Senator in the swing state of Arizona, is not open to eliminating the filibuster or changing her mind, according to her spokesperson.

“Kyrsten is against eliminating the filibuster, and she is not open to changing her mind about eliminating the filibuster,” a spokesperson for Sinema told Wapo Monday.

Another Democrat Senator, Joe Manchin has also spoken out against eliminating the filibuster, making the Democrats path to eliminating the procedure likely impossible unless these two go back against their word and change their mind.

Meanwhile, per RCP, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki confirmed to RealClearPolitics during a Friday press briefing that President Biden remains opposed to abolishing the filibuster.

“The president’s position hasn’t changed,” Psaki told RCP.