WATCH: Jiu Jitsu Black Belt takes down violent thief and holds him down until police arrive

Idriz Redzovic, a Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt, took down a violent thief in Chicago and held him down for nearly 20 minutes until police arrived.

The entire ordeal was live streamed.

Redzovic noticed a man harassing people outside the store.

“He comes up to me and says, ‘What are you looking at?'” Redzovic explained. “In my training I tell people to take a step back, hands up, don’t engage unless you feel safe.”

The man then came in the store and attacked an employee which is when Redzovic took action.

“Once I saw him actually connect and hit the employee in his head, I jumped in, grabbed him like I do in training here, put him down, flattened him like a pancake, and then I tied him up like a pretzel in a position called ‘Gift Wrap’ or ‘Twisting Arm Control,’” Redzovic told WFLD-TV.

Police told WFLD that Cruz stole merchandise from the same 7-Eleven earlier that day.