Rep. Stefanik declares “Joe Biden is putting America last” pushes Border Security Act

Moments ago, Rep. Elise Stefanik declared on Twitter that “Joe Biden is putting America last.”

While pushing for the Border Security for America Act of 2021, Stefanik said “Our nation is witnessing President Biden’s failure to secure our southern border, but I am proud to support policies that work to keep our nation safe.

“Democrats are endangering our national security by turning their backs on border patrol agents and law enforcement and allowing drugs and weapons to flood across our southern border. Their failed policies have created the worst border crisis our nation has seen in decades, and our nation deserves better,” she added.

The Border Security for America Act of 2021 would specifically:

  • Require the Secretary of Homeland Security to resume construction on the border wall system immediately.
  • Direct the Secretary of Homeland Security to deploy practical and effective technology to support CBP and Border Patrol operations.
  • Require the CBP Commissioner to hire and train additional CBP officers and agents to maintain an active-duty presence at all U.S. ports of entry.
  • Require increasing the number of officers for tunnel detection and remediation, agricultural specialists, K-9 units, and supporting officers.