Paul Ryan calls for Trump to stop legal challenges, allow transition to Biden administration

Appearing at the Bank of America’s virtual European Credit Conference, Paul Ryan gave his thoughts on current state of the 2020 presidential election and Trump refusing to concede.

Ryan was asked by Michelle Meyer “Let’s turn to the current environment and particularly what we expect to see with President-elect Biden. … The transition process is now officially underway. We are a short while away from seeing that change in Washington, change in leadership, so what is your expectation of how sentiment in Washington can change under the leadership of President-elect Biden? And, in particular, you’ve had years of working with President-elect Biden in different capacities — can you speak to specifically your experience working with him and what that might mean going forward?”

Ryan responded “Well, I think it’s important to acknowledge that the GSA, I think as of last night, the General Services Administration ascertained the election, and that sounds kind of technical [but] it’s really actually frankly pretty important because that allows the official transition to actually occur so that President-elect Biden — and Joe Biden is the president-elect — so that Joe Biden, the president-elect, can actually plan his transition, get the security background checks for his people, get the process going where he can be ready to populate his Cabinet and the lower positions in the administration. So that GSA attestation is actually pretty important.

He continued “I think maybe even more important is that these legal challenges to the outcome and the attacks on our voting system really need to stop, in my opinion. The outcome will not be changed, and it will only serve to undermine our faith in our system of government, our faith in our democracy.

“I know firsthand — you mentioned Joe Biden and how I know him,” Ryan added “I know firsthand what it’s like to lose a national election, and it is a terrible feeling. It is not pleasant, and I know there are a lot of people in this country who are really disappointed. But I think it’s really important that we’re clear about this, which is the mere fact that the president’s lawyers throw these sort of baseless conspiracy theories out at press conferences but offer no evidence of these in court tells you that there is not the kind of widespread voter fraud or systemic voter fraud that would be required to overturn the outcome of this election.

Ryan then said “So, the election is over. The outcome is certain, and I really think the orderly transfer of power — that is one of the most uniquely fundamental American components of our political system. And I think it’s really important that we respect that, we respect the will of the people, and if we don’t, we end up doing damage to our country, to our democratic institutions and norms and to the cause of freedom. So frankly, I really think it’s in the president’s best interest to acknowledge these things and not just have the GSA technically facilitate the transfer of power, but to embrace the transfer of power, the system we have. I think it’s in his best interest and clearly in the American people’s best interest to do that.”