Liz Cheney encourages Wyoming Dems to Change Parties to Vote for Her

Amid horrific polling, Rep. Liz Cheney is attempting to get Wyoming Democrats to switch parties to vote for her in the GOP primary.

Liz Cheney sent direct mailers to Wyoming Democrats that offered specific instructions on how to change parties to vote for her in the GOP primary election.

The website writes:

To change your party affiliation or to declare a new affiliation, complete the Wyoming Voter Registration Application & Change Form and submit it to your county clerk’s office not later than 14 days before the primary election. You may also change your party affiliation at your polling place on the day of the primary or general election, or when requesting an absentee ballot.

Tim Murtaugh tweeted:

In February @Liz_Cheney said she wouldn’t do this.

Even so, the chairman of the Wyoming Democrats says: “Even if every Democrat in the state switched over, I don’t think it’d be enough to help her.”

Recent numbers show Rep. Liz Cheney’s re-election run is likely doomed.

Cheney’s disapproval rating went from 26% before voting to impeach Trump to 72% after.

Meanwhile, the betting site PredictIt has Cheney’s probability of winning vs. her GOP primary challenger Harriet Hageman are only 10% compared to 89% for Hageman.

Appearing on CNN, former Obama adviser David Axelrod said “Every time she speaks at these hearings she’s probably making her task even more difficult. I think the one hope they have is that Democrats reregister and cross over in record numbers to support her…. She’s in a world of hurt and no sensible person in politics would bet on her renomination at this point.”