Hageman slams Liz Cheney for encouraging Dems to change parties to vote for her in GOP primary

The campaign of Harriet Hagement slammed Liz Cheney for reaching out to Democrats for their vote in the GOP primary.

From the Website of Liz Cheney.

Cheney also sent “mailers” to Democrats in Wyomings.

Hageman’s campaign manager Carly Miller  said “Liz Cheney promised she wouldn’t encourage Democrats to raid the Republican primary, but then again, she also swore to faithfully represent Wyoming and she broke that promise too.”

“Democrats don’t like Liz Cheney, and they’ll discard her as soon as she’s no longer useful as their attack dog on the January 6th Committee. And she’s burned all her relationships with Republicans, so she truly cannot be effective for Wyoming anymore. Reaching out to Democrats to try to save her own political life just shows how desperate she is to hold onto power,” she added.