Georgia BANS Non-Black Reporters from Mayoral Candidates Event

A mayoral candidate meeting at Bolton Street Baptist Church in Savannah, Georgia was only available to “Black Press.”

KTNV Las Vegas reported that white reporters were barred from attending a meeting in Savannah, Georgia, where community leaders discussed upcoming mayoral elections, the Savannah Morning News reports.

Signs on the door of the Bolton Street Baptist Church in Savannah proclaimed “Black Press Only.” Other signs indicated that audio and video recordings were not allowed.

At least one white reporter was barred from entering. The Associated Press reports that two black reporters from local TV stations were permitted to attend.

Per, White reporters were denied entry to the event, while black reporters were allowed inside, the Savannah Morning News reported.

When asked about his shocking racial segregation policy, the Reverend Clarence Williams declined to comment.

The black mayoral candidates who attended the meeting distanced themselves from the ban, saying they had nothing to do with it.

Savannah council member Van Johnson also distanced himself from the ban, but refused to condemn the anti-white racial segregation.

“It’s not my meeting,” Johnson told local news station WTOC. “I’ve been attending meetings for 16 years. Sometimes press is there, sometimes press is not there. In this case, I didn’t coordinate the meeting.”

The community meeting was promoted on the Facebook page of the Bolton Street Baptist Church.

Its purpose was to unite Savannah’s black community behind a black mayoral candidate, presumably to ensure that the city will elect a black mayor in the November election.