Fmr Acting AG says GOP could be “onto something big” with Hunter Biden cover-up allegations

Appearing on Fox News, former Acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker criticized the FBI and the DOJ and said the GOP could be “onto something big” with Hunter Biden cover-up allegations.

“I’ve said several times that Chris Wray needs to get this partisan nature and any political bias out of the FBI,” Whitaker said. “In this example, this FBI agent that Chuck Grassley is asking questions about had very derogatory social media postings, which it makes no sense why an FBI agent would be on social media doing politics, but was and so these are the kind of things that raise questions. I think Chuck Grassley is absolutely right, and my point as well is that the FBI and the Department of Justice need to be above politics.”

“Right now, especially this Jan. 6th investigation, and the Biden investigation, appear to have a partisan tint to it, and it’s not good for the rule of law and the long-term success of the Department of Justice,”  he added.