Don Jr reacts to actor who tweeted “F your bible” in response to Roe v Wade decision

Friday, in response to the overturn of Roe v Wade “The Maze Runner” actor Dylan O’Brien tweeted “F your bible.”

Donald Trump Jr. wrote “Funny how there will be zero repercussions for this; he’ll still star in terrible movies.”

“Say this about the Quran and see what happens,” he added.

One Twitter user replied to O’Brien “Dylan look i love you BUT i am christian and i Love God so please don’t disrespect our religion like everyone can believe what they want but saying fuck the bible like dang you took it too far”

Another wrote “It’s not a damn book it’s really sacred to us Christians. And it’s totally disrespectful to our religion. I am for women’s rights but we must still remain respectful towards everyone because yes, attacking the Bible is attacking us.”