Detroit Judge dismisses 39 cases against 28 BLM protesters

Judge Larry D. Williams, Jr, a Detroit judge has dismissed charges against 28 BLM protesters arrested during anti-police demonstrations last summer.

Organization “Detroit will Breathe” tweeted:

Big news today! Charges dismissed against 28 Detroit protesters in court. This was the result of collective arrestee organizing and legal support from @NLGMichigan. Official statement below.

John Royal, president of the National Lawyers Guild chapter in Detroit said “This is the first dismissal of a large group of cases en masse, specifically for the failure of the city to provide discovery of information necessary to prepare a defensive trial.”

He added “(Judge Williams) made his ruling based on the fact that the city cannot identify who the actual arresting officers were in most of these cases and cannot identify what happened to any police bodycam footage that would have been taken at the time of the arrest of the defendants.”