CNN Editor writes “Cheney looks likely to lose — and she knows it”

In a new CNN piece, Editor Chris Cilliza writes that Liz “Cheney looks likely to lose — and she knows it.”

Cilliza writes “The simple fact is that Cheney is very unlikely to beat Harriet Hageman in next month’s primary. Hageman has the support of former President Donald Trump, as well as a number of top Republicans including, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy.
While Cheney has tried to recruit Democrats to cross party lines and support her — and some undoubtedly will — it’s hard to see that making a real difference in the outcome of the race in such an overwhelmingly Republican state. Simply put: Cheney looks likely to lose — and she knows it.”

Per Breitbart:

Cheney is about 30 points behind in the polls to Hageman, who has surged with second quarter fundraising by capitalizing off Cheney’s alliance with the Democrats on the partisan January 6 Committee.

The establishment media has noted Cheney’s unlikely chances of retaining her seat and have begun hyping her as a presidential candidate in 2024. Yet Cheney is only polling around 2 percent in a potential GOP primary field that includes former President Donald Trump’s dominating polling lead of 53 percent.

If Cheney does run, her poor polling suggests she could run as an independent. “The real question seems to be then not whether Cheney runs — she sounded to all the world like that decision is mostly made — but rather whether she would have any sort of impact on the 2024 race,” Cillizza wrote.