BREAKING: Possible Perjury Charges Against Michael Cohen

According to new reports, House Republicans are now eyeing potential perjury charges against former Trump attorney Michael Cohen, stemming from transcripts of his recent closed-door testimony.

In a recent letter, Republican lawmakers Mark Meadows and Jim Jordan demanded the transcripts while condemning Cohen’s testimony as false.

Cohen, who faces several years in federal prison for fraud and conspiracy charges, has repeatedly sought to minimize his punishment by making unfounded allegations of wrongdoing against President Trump.

Now, should Cohen’s testimony be proven false, the disgraced attorney may be facing additional prison time for perjury, casting further doubt on his implications of wrongdoing against the president.

From OANN:

House Republicans are demanding the transcript of Michael Cohen’s closed-door testimony in order to pursue possible perjury charges.

On Tuesday, Representatives Jim Jordan and Mark Meadows wrote a letter to House Intelligence chairman Adam Schiff. They are demanding transcripts from Cohen’s appearances before the panel in February and March.

The congressmen are calling for accountability for — what they say — were blatant lies told by the president’s former personal attorney.

Back in February, they sent a criminal referral to the Justice Department for false statements made by Cohen. This includes his claim before the House Oversight Committee, claiming he never wanted to work in the White House.

House Oversight Committee chairman Elijah Cummings said he disagrees with the characterization of lies in Cohen’s testimony. Republicans are asking for the transcripts from Cohen’s testimony in front of other committees in hopes of changing his mind on the matter.