Biden says his staff has spoken to Fauci who has been “very helpful,” Fauci tells CNN he hopes to stay on

Biden told reporters Tuesday his staff has spoken to Anthony Fauci and Fauci has been “very, very helpful.”

Biden said he himself has not spoken to Fauci yet.

In addition, per CNN, Fauci confirmed that he has had preliminary conversations with members of President-elect Joe Biden’s team.

Per the report “Fauci said he has not had any substantive discussions with the team as of yet but he looks forward to that. Fauci reiterated that he hopes to stay on and continue his work on the pandemic during the Biden administration.”

Meanwhile, per the Hill “Biden’s transition teams have scheduled about 20 meetings with the heads of federal agencies and departments in the day after the General Services Administration formally authorized the beginning stages of a government changeover.”