Aides to Buttigieg Call for Bloomberg to Drop Out After “Titanic” Debate Performance

Aides to 2020 candidate Pete Buttigieg are calling for billionaire Michael Bloomberg after a horrendous debate performance CNN’s Van Jones likened to the “Titanic” hitting the iceberg.

During the debate Buttigieg called both Sanders and Bloomberg the “most polarizing” candidates.


TheHill reports aides to Pete Buttigieg, the former mayor of South Bend, Ind., and the leading moderate in the race, called on Bloomberg to drop out.

“If Bloomberg remains in the race despite showing he cannot offer a viable alternative to Bernie Sanders, he will propel Sanders to a seemingly insurmountable delegate lead siphoning votes away from Pete,” a memo circulated by his campaign Thursday said.

Bloomberg allies say their candidate has no reason to suspend his campaign.

“It’s really only starting,” one ally said. “The other candidates have had their time to shine and stumble.”

Democratic strategist Basil Smikle said it may not be the end for Bloomberg but he will have to turn things around in the coming days — particularly in the next debate.

“Most voters probably saw the memes rather than the debate in real time, so he can counter with more ad buys and a little retail politics,” Smikle said.

But more than anything, Reines added, there is “still an open audition for the anti-Bernie slot.”