Actress Says She Won’t Raise Baby in America Because “White Supremacy is Overt”

British Actress Jodie Turner-Smith, star of “Queen and Slim” told the Sunday Times she would not raise a child in America because her perception that “White supremacy is overt.”

Turner-Smith and her partner Joshua Jackson isn’t interested in staying in England either, telling the Times “”England has gone off the rails so I was thinking maybe Canada.””

USAToday reports Jodie Turner-Smith does not want to raise a child in America.

The British actress, who starred in 2019’s “Queen & Slim,” opened up in aLos Angeles-based interview with Britain’s The Sunday Times about her reasons for looking elsewhere to raise her child, as well as why she limits discussion on her personal life.

Turner-Smith, who is seven months pregnant, said she doesn’t want to raise a family in America because “the racial dynamics over here are fraught.”

“White supremacy is overt,” she continued. “It’s the reason I don’t want to raise my kids here.”

She added America’s gun policies are another reason she’s wary of raising a child in the country.

“I don’t want my kids to grow up doing active shooter drills at school,” she added.