Acclaimed Playwright Calls Trump a “Great President,” Blasts “Psychotic” Opposition from Left

In a new interview with Breitbart, acclaimed playwright and screenwriter David Mamet who penned “Glengarry Glen Ross” calls President Trump a “Great President.”

Mamet also blasts the left’s opposition to him which he characterizes as “psychotic,” drawing a parallel between the energy that brought Hitler to power and the energy against Trump.

Breitbart reports the acclaimed playwright and screenwriter David Mamet told Breitbart News on Thursday that he thinks Donald Trump is a “great president,” while liberal reaction to his presidency has been “psychotic.”

David Mamet’s body of work includes the seminal plays Glengarry Glen Ross, Oleanna, and American Buffalo. Mamet has two new works out, including a book titled The Diary of a Porn Star by Priscilla Wriston-Ranger.

He spoke with Breitbart News’ editor-in-chief Alex Marlow on Breitbart News Daily on Sirius XM Patriot 125. The conversation covered Mamet’s career, his intellectual inspirations, and his take on President Trump.

“The reaction to Trump to me is fascinating,” Mamet said. “And one day I started looking at it and squinted my eyes. If you take a Freudian analytical concept, turn it inside out — flip cause and effect and see if the dream makes sense. So if we flip cause and effect, the reaction to Trump — which is psychotic — is equal I believe hydraulically to the reaction to a charismatic leader.”

Mamet equated liberal hysteria over President Trump to the same destructive energy that propelled Adolf Hitler to power.

“The same people growing up right after World War II, you say, ‘Wait a second. How in the world could civilized people say that this little wizened Austrian psychopath was a messiah?’ It’s insane,” he said.

“So the same force that, God forbid, would be devoted here to the adoration of a lunatic is devoted in the anti-Trump psychosis to the excoriation of a regular human being and, I think, a great president.”

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