87% of Goldman Sachs Clients Expect Trump to Win Reelection

A whopping 87% of Goldman Sachs clients believe that President Trump will win reelection this year.

Historically, Presidents tend to have a better chance of reelection when key economic indicators are going up.

With the stock market reaching multiple new highs and Goldman Sachs clients being more attuned to the financial markets that the average voter, it’s understandable why the number is higher than what you’d expect in a non-financial industry poll. The sample size was relatively small, with around 160 responses.

Business insider reports Goldman Sachs surveyed dozens of its clients and found that the vast majority expect President Donald Trump to win a second term in office.

The banking titan’s investment researchers polled attendees of its Global Strategy Conference in London this week, garnering an average of 160 responses to each of their questions.

Asked whether Trump – who was recently impeached by the House of Representatives and now faces a Senate trial – will win the election this year, 87% of respondents said they expected him to triumph. The bank published its results in a research note on Thursday.