WATCH: Johnny Depp’s Lawyer rips Amber Heard in Closing Argument, accuses her of “lies upon lies upon lies”

Johnny Depp’s Lawyer Camille Vasquez ripped Amber Heard in her closing arguments.

“There is a victim of domestic abuse in this courtroom. And it is not Ms. Heard. … Mr. Depp experienced persistent physical, verbal and emotional abuse. … she said it in her own words,” Vasquez said “She is a deeply troubled person, violently afraid of abandonment.”

“We ask you to give Mr. Depp his life back,” Vasquez later said, “and hold Ms. Heard accountable for her lies.”

Vasquez referred to Heard’s “lies upon lies upon lies,” saying every word she said in court was “the performance of a lifetime.”

“You saw it,” Vasquez said. “Ms. Heard sobbing without tears. It was a performance. … She told you what she thinks you need to hear to convict this man as a domestic abuser and a rapist.”