5 GOP Senators vote with Dems that the Trump impeachment trial is constitutional

Only 5 GOP Senators voted with Democrats to reject an effort by Kentucky Senator Rand Paul to declare Trump’s impeachment trial unconstitutional.

The 5 Republican Senators who voted with Democrats were:

Utah Senator Mitt Romney

Alaska Senator Lisa Murkowski

Maine Senator Susan Collins

Nebraska Senator Ben Sasse and

Pennsylvania Senator Pat Toomey

With only 5 GOP Senators wanting to move forwards towards a trial, it is increasingly likely Democrats will fail to obtain the 17 GOP Senatorial votes they would need to convict Trump.

Rand Paul explained “if we are going to put every politician in jail, are we going to impeach every politician who has used the words ‘fight’ figuratively in a speech? Shame.”

“I want this body on record. Every last person here,” Paul added.