3 NYC men charged in shooting that killed Bronx dad in front of daughter

Per Rodney Harrison, NYPD:

Earlier this morning, members of the Bronx Violent Felony Squad with the assistance of Bronx Warrants, 44 Pct Squad, the Criminal Enterprise Investigations Section, and TARU apprehended & arrested Davon Delks, Laquan Heyward, and Devon Vines for the Homicide of Anthony Robinson.

Per Fox News, Robinson, 29, was gunned down in a July 5 drive-by shooting in the Bronx while walking with his 6-year-old daughter in broad daylight. They were on their way home when the shooting occurred.

The pair were holding hands while crossing a street when a car slowly pulled up beside them, according to surveillance footage. A passenger inside extends their arm while holding a gun and opened fire.

Police said four shots were fired, and Robinson was struck multiple times, the NYPD told Fox News. No one else was injured. A motive for the killing was not disclosed.

The fatal shooting came amid a violent holiday weekend in the city that saw nine people killed and dozens more injured in a series of shootings, stabbings and other violent incidents.