2020 Challenger to Schiff “I have personally knocked on 20,000 doors and am just getting started”

Jennifer Barbosa, 2020 challenger to Adam Schiff responded to a tweet by Jon Lovett.

Lovett wrote:

Adam Schiff wins in LA by like 50 points so it’s cool that Trump doesn’t mean revenge electorally but something else. Real capital B Blunder of Schiff to quote news reports about Trump being vindictive though!

Jennifer Barbosa responded:

Adam Schiff is absolutely not winning “by like 50 points” this year.
I have personally knocked on 20,000 doors and am just getting started.

Schiff is facing severe revenge electorally. Sure he has loyalists, but he’s losing support from the Left and Center overall. Too divisive

Jennifer Barbosa is running to unseat House Intel chair Adam Schiff in 2020.

Per her website, Jennifer Barbosa was raised in Florida and attended Vanderbilt University in Nashville, TN. She moved to Los Angeles in 2001 and was elected to the Hollywood Studio District Neighborhood Council, where she served as Vice Chair of the Board, and Co-Chair of the Outreach Committee and Bylaws and Elections Committee until 2015. Jennifer is running as an Independent candidate for Congress against Adam Schiff in California’s 28th District.

Barbosa tweeted in December:

Homelessness and Toxic Waste are rampant problems in the Los Angeles area.
Congressman @AdamSchiff has done nothing to solve, let alone slightly fix, the problems.

This is one of the reasons I am running for Congress in .
For more info, visit http://www.Barbosa2020.com

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