1st US city to fund reparations for Black residents, up to $25k per eligible resident to use for housing

According to a new report from ABC News, Evanston, Illinois will be the first city to begin funding reparations for Black residents.

Up to $25,000 will be available per eligible resident for housing will be distributed this year.

Per ABC “The impetus for the city’s reparations resolution, first passed in 2019 and spearheaded by 5th Ward Alderman Robin Rue Simmons, is rooted partially in Rue Simmons’ experience growing up Black in Evanston.”

Rue recalled “Early in my childhood I was invited to have a play date. My white friends never had a play date at my home.”

She said when visiting a white friend’s neighborhood “the streets were wider. The trees were taller. The homes were bigger and brighter.”

“As a young child, I recognized that difference,” she added.

“I never felt, in any way, envious,” she continued “I never had that feeling like, ‘Why isn’t my family doing better?’ It was obvious that it was the barrier of race that kept us from that.”

The reparations “will first be distributed this year in increments of up to $25,000 per eligible resident to use for housing.”