WATCH: Newsom responds to critics claiming ending his stay at home orders is political, calls it “utter nonsense”

California Governor Gavin Newsom responded to critics claiming his ending of the state’s stay at home order was political in nature.

Newsom called the claims “utter nonsense.”

Monday, Newsom discussed why he’s lifting the state’s stay-at-home order.

According to The Hill “the move allows restaurants to open for outdoor dining options and salons to resume indoor appointments. Outdoor church services are also permitted. Reopening options apply to regions including the San Francisco Bay Area, Central Valley and Southern California and marks the first reopening opportunity since December.”

Newsom has been facing mounting pressures from lawsuits from restaurant owners, bar owners, and beauty salons over the state’s lockdown restrictions and what they consider lack of sufficient aid.

California Restaurant Association CEO Jot Condie said “Restaurants cannot sustain themselves or their employees when they operate with strict capacity limits, which means the state should long ago have crafted a comprehensive aid package to help these small businesses hibernate.”

He added “this is what we had repeatedly urged the Newsom administration to do – make state help available to restaurants so that, once the pandemic is behind us, the families who own these businesses could go back, open the doors and turn the lights on again. Instead, they are closing for good, by the thousands.”