WATCH: Mick Mulvaney Schools Jake Tapper Over CNN’s Mueller Report Coverage

During a fiery interview with CNN’s Jake Tapper, White House Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney admonished the host for his denial of the network’s role in erroneously covering the now-debunked allegations of collusion and obstruction against President Trump.

When pressed, Tapper attempted to explain that CNN “didn’t say that there was conspiracy – we said that Mueller was investigating conspiracy,” to which Mulvaney replied, “That’s fine. If that’s your recollection of history, that’s great.”

“Face it, come on, the media got this wrong, Jake – It’s OK,” said Mulvaney, noting, “People get stuff wrong all the time, just not at this level. But it’s done now.”

Mulvaney continued, “The report is there. It’s extraordinarily thorough, as you know. I think they talked to 500 people, issued 2,800 subpoenas, and it completely exonerates the president,” adding, “There’s no collusion, there’s no obstruction of justice.”