Trump announces pardon of Michael Flynn, Dems fume, supporters celebrate

Moments ago, President Trump tweeted “It is my Great Honor to announce that General Michael T. Flynn has been granted a Full Pardon. Congratulations to @GenFlynn and his wonderful family, I know you will now have a truly fantastic Thanksgiving!”

A lot of Democrats were not happy with the announcement.

Actress Patricia Arquette replied “#RussiaFirst” and “The 2nd Turkey you pardoned so far.”

Another Twitter user replied “tou have no honor, you tragic, treasonous Turd Reich travesty. Flynn plead guilty twice to the @FBI, you flaccid fascist.”

Meanwhile, Trump supporters were pleased.

Tom Fitton wrote “Thank you, @RealDonaldTrump for this fundamentally just act. And congratulations to @GenFlynn, who has been persecuted and prosecuted by a cabal that includes Barack Obama and Joe Biden. Judge Sullivan added to the abuse. A good day for the law.”