Rep. Al Green pushes for National Slavery Remembrance Day in addition to Juneteenth

Rep. Al Green is leading an effort to make 2022 to add a national slavery remembrance day to join Juneteenth.

Green argued having a day dedicated to the remembrance of slavery would be similar to the ones dedicated to the Holocaust, Pearl Harbor and 9/11.

Green introduced the resolution last November, which would commemorate the anniversary of the first slave ships arriving in North America 400 years ago. The remembrance day would commemorate the lives lost to slavery.

The progressive Democrat told the the Washington Times “Juneteenth is a celebration of freedom. Slavery Remembrance is a commemoration of slavery itself and it will help us to make sure that we don’t see it sanitized. We want to tell the truth about it.”

Sen. Elizabeth Warren co-sponsored the joint resolution.

Warren said “The horrors of slavery can never be forgotten. We must acknowledge the dangers and dehumanization that enslaved people faced, and honor those who led the long fight for abolition and justice.”