Parents OUTRAGED After Teacher Assigns “Trump Against American Values” Homework

A 7th grade teacher at a Texas middle school is facing growing outrage from parents, after requiring her students to read an article titled, “Trump Against American Values.”

“No teacher should attempt to indoctrinate a child to their ideology, no matter who is in the White House,” said Texas Republican lawmaker Briscoe Cain.

A statement from the district said the unidentified teacher “did not use good judgment,” and noted that “The matter has been settled at the campus level, as appropriate.”

From The Houston Chronicle

A Goose Creek CISD teacher’s apparent classroom mishap put her on the receiving end of threatening calls, including death threats, district officials said.

The teacher, who was not identified, gave her 7th grade students an assignment where they read 10 student-written essays and determined what each essay inferred, hoping to increase the students’ critical-thinking skills.

One of the assignments called for the students to infer conclusions after reading an essay titled Trump Against American Values.

A parent upset about the assignment shared it with Texas State Rep. Briscoe Cain, R–Deer Park, who blasted the district and teacher on social media.

“This individual has violated the sacred trust that every parent has with the State of Texas when they send their child into a public school,” Cain said in the post. “They have lost the privilege of being in a classroom with Texas children, and forfeit the title of teacher. No teacher should attempt to indoctrinate a child to their ideology, no matter who is in the White House.”

In a statement, Goose Creek CISD said the teacher “did not use good judgment” with the assignment but called the incident a mistake.

“The matter has been settled at the campus level, as appropriate,” the statement read.

The district said it fielded several calls, including death threats, after news of the assignment broke on Cain’s page.

“We received many calls at the district following the issue of a media release and social media post that told part of the story and did not reflect the fact that the matter had been resolved within the district,” the district stated. “Many of those calls were deeply disturbing and threatening in nature. While we all agree that the particular passage should not have been used, the teacher made a simple error in judgement. Like all of us, teachers are human and make mistakes from time to time.”

In a statement, Cain did not address the threats directly but instead boasted about bringing the situation to light on Facebook, even after it was handled by the school district. provided Cain’s office with a copy of GCCISD’s statement about the threats while seeking comment from his office.

“I am glad that we had the opportunity to bring this situation to light and encourage civil discourse on this incident,” Cain said in the statement. “I’m also grateful to (Goose Creek CISD Superintendent of School Randal) O’Brien and the District for the actions they took before my office brought this issue to light. I know Superintendent O’Brien personally, and have seen first-hand how much he cares for students and high ethical standards in education. Some view this incident as a simple mistake, others see it as a betrayal of parents and students. Sunlight is the best remedy to inappropriate behavior in the classroom. The importance of Texans being made aware of such actions is to ensure public accountability to indoctrination in the classroom.”