New Poll Shows the Majority Believes the Mueller Probe Was Politically Motivated

According to the results of a new poll conducted by CBS, less than 40% of Americans believe the Mueller report was justified, while over half feel that the lengthy investigation was politically motivated.

The report, which was submitted recently following nearly three years, cost taxpayers over $25 million dollars, and ultimately vindicated President Trump and his administration of allegations of having colluded with Russian operatives during the 2016 election.

After US Attorney General William Barr received the conclusion of the probe, submitted by special counsel Robert Mueller, Democrats and many within the mainstream media have shown difficulty accepting the results.

For the duration of the investigation, President Trump and his Republican allies repeatedly asserted that the probe, as well as Mueller’s investigation team, was heavily biased.

From CBS News:

More than 3 in 4 Americans, including majorities of both Republicans and Democrats, think the full Mueller report should be released to the public. But the partisan splits that have long marked the investigation remain even after it is done: Republicans say the report has cleared the president. Democrats are unconvinced and want their party in Congress to continue looking into the Russia matter, though most Americans overall feel they should drop it.

More (34 percent) feel the report has cleared the president of any illegal activity than explicitly feel it has not (23 percent) — but 36 percent think it’s still too soon to say whether it has or hasn’t. A large majority of Republicans say the report has cleared the president, yet few Democrats think so. Many feel it is too soon to say. These partisan splits look much like divisions that have existed throughout the investigation.

Two-thirds of Democrats think their party in Congress should continue to investigate the Russia matter. Most Americans overall, including nine in ten Republicans and most independents, think congressional Democrats should drop the matter and move on to other issues.

Asked about various ways the report’s findings made them feel, half of Democrats (50 percent) said they felt “disappointed,” and a quarter also said they felt “angered” (28 percent). Most Republicans said “pleased” (69 percent) and also “relieved” (63 percent). Respondents could pick any or all offered descriptors.

Looking back on the investigation, most Americans say the investigation was politically motivated. Back in January, when asked about the investigation as it was ongoing, half at the time called it justified.