Liz Peek accuses Biden and Blinken of “weak, feckless leadership creating series of disasters’

In a new Op-Ed for Fox News, Liz Peek accuses President Biden and Secretary of State Blinken of “weak, feckless leadership creating series of disasters” and hurting the country.

Peek writes “the Biden White House is in free fall. The president’s approval ratings continue to slide and will likely get worse as Americans digest the disasters of recent days and put the blame squarely where it belongs – on Joe Biden.”

She continues:

When we piece together the killing of innocents in Afghanistan, the tens of thousands of unvaccinated Haitians illegally entering our country, the insulting treatment of France, this country’s first ally, and the FDA’s smackdown of the president’s coronavirus booster plan, we conclude that our country is being run by an arrogant man of modest capabilities who has surrounded himself with mediocre talent.

These catastrophes are not lightning strikes or other acts of God; these are horrors resulting from foolish policies badly enacted. Joe Biden has brought every one of these mishaps on himself.

Biden hopes it will all blow over, allowing him to get back to the more important business of “transforming” our country, but putting Afghanistan in the rear-view mirror will be difficult. Weekly if not daily reports of Taliban atrocities will remind us of Biden’s feckless determination, against the advice of his military, to hastily exit the country.

What will certainly not blow over is the growing awareness of Biden’s weakness. The president knows he is not a smart man.