Hillary stirs debate after blasting GOP concerns with “cancel culture” with “Freedom Fries” reference

Thursday, Hillary Clinton blasted Republican concerns with “cancel culture” with a reference to “Freedom Fries.”

Clinton tweeted “The party of “Freedom Fries” would like you to know that “cancel culture” is a very serious problem.”

Here are some of the responses to her:

“You couldn’t think of an example from this decade?”

“Anybody with a minimum of half a brain cell should abhor cancel culture. Unless your goal is to have millions of identical people doing identical things the same way with the same likes and dislikes. Just treat people in a way you would treat yourself!”

“I’ve seen the damage cancel culture has done to friends and activists. Some have lost their jobs. Some have been blacklisted from their fields for not reciting “trans women are women”.

Do you think this is “fake”, or funny?”