Deroy Murdock argues discussions of “Reparations” in California will do more to divide than unite

In a new Op-Ed for Newsmax, Deroy Murdock argues discussions of “Reparations” in California will do more to divide than unite.

Murdoch writes:

California is infested with violent crime, failing schools, America’s highest gasoline prices (a stunning $9.60 per gallon in Mendocino), and a 1,200-year-record drought.

Al fresco vagrants, too many of them mentally ill and/or addicted to drugs and alcohol, populate ramshackle tent cities that breed lawlessness, squalor, and chaos. Rampant wildfires burn the Golden State to a crisp and pump its skies full of carbon dioxide — a poison worse than cyanide, according to the high priests in the Church of the Green New Deal.

So, amid such monumental challenges, where have California’s leaders focused lately?

Slavery reparations.

Radical-Left Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom should spend his time and energy on any or all of these urgent matters, several of which routinely kill people.

Instead, Newsom and his Wokistani brethren in Sacramento are sifting through a 500-page report on reparations that state lawmakers ordered via legislation that the governor signed in 2020.

This huge study arrived on June 1. It is “an organizing tool for people not only in California but across the U.S.,” Task Force Chair Kamilah Moore said. Legislators expect a “comprehensive reparations scheme” next year.

All of this will devour plenty of official attention that should be aimed at keeping Californians from getting bankrupted, murdered, or incinerated.

Rather than unite Californians, ensuing discussions likely will divide Golden State residents along racial lines and perhaps within racial lines.

California did not belong to the Confederacy and was not a slave state.

Nonetheless, Democrats are desperate to plunge America’s most populous jurisdiction into a corrosive debate over slavery.

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