UPDATED: Biden was not waving at an empty field in viral video

UPDATE: Per LeadStories, a video that went viral and appeared to show Biden waving at an empty field was clipped and out of context.

As reported by LeadStories:

The video is doctored as if to make Biden seem out of touch. As the full video, shown by Bloomberg News national political reporter Tyler Pager, makes clear, the background was not empty:

a full showing of the video clearly shows he was waving at firefighters and perhaps others standing behind his motorcade and in front of fire equipment.

The bogus claim that he waved to nothing and nobody appeared in a video (archived here) published to YouTube on September 15, 2020, titled “Joe Biden Waving To En Empty Filed.” Heard in the background of the video, a woman recording the airport scene from a TV screen jeers:

What are you waving to? There’s nobody there? He thinks he’s Trump…Look: Empty field, empty field.”

This video below shows greater context.

Original article below prior to knowledge from the Lead Stories Fact Check

A video in which Joe Biden appears to be waving to an empty field after exiting a plane has garnered over half a million views on YouTube.

“Whose he waving to?” the woman in the video asks who appears to be filming the video while watching it on a screen.

“There’s NOBODY THERE!” she adds, mockingly. If there are people Biden is waving to, they are not readily seen in the video. It’s unclear whether Biden is truly waving at nobody at all or they just can’t be seen in the shot.

One YouTuber wrote in the comments “He’s waving to the Russians and Chinese presidents.”

Another wrote “The field isn’t the only thing that’s empty.”

Another wrote “I’m not even paying him any mind. The lady’s reaction is everything.”